About Poor Lass

Are you an awesome working class person who gets out there, makes do and mends, triumphs over adversity and gets some serious shit done?

Wanna get positive, fierce and precious in equal measures in our podcast or zine?
If yes to the above, then we want you!

We’re two working class northern lasses who wanna tell our OWN stories, with our OWN voices, in our OWN accents and dialogues and at our OWN academic levels.

We want to give people like us a voice that is so often unheard and encourage other working class folks out there and empower them. To tell and share our stories, to smash stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas.

So what we’re looking for is your story, whatever way you want to tell it, whatever focus you want to give to it. Just be honest; none of us are victims, none of us are looking for sympathy, shit happens and we have little choice other than to get on with it. Those things make us the super strong powerful folks we are today!

This project features running themes. So far we’ve covered Work, Neighbourhoods and Community, Family, Relationships, Education, Health, Race & Identity and print and much more to come on the podcast.

We welcome submissions, requests and nominations for features from all genders and abilities. We wanna hear your truth however you’d like to tell it in your own voice. We also welcome applications for custom art work.

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Edited by Seleena Laverne Daye and Em Ledger