About Poor Lass

Poor Lass began as a print zine waaay back in 2012. It was a way for us two working class northern lasses to carve a space for ourselves in DIY/ Queer feminist culture after we’d both attended several events where we were discussed as if we weren’t there. For us it’s all about visibility, taking up space, having our (and your) voices heard and having our experiences shared as well as taking comfort in hearing stories like ours, solidarity, community and pride.

We wanna tell our OWN stories, with our OWN voices, in our OWN accents and dialogues and at our OWN academic levels. We want to give people like us a voice that is so often unheard and encourage other working class folks out there and empower them. To smash stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas.

So far we’ve published EIGHT issues of the print zine covering the themes; Work, Neighbourhoods and Community, Family, Relationships, Education, Health, Race & Identity. You can now read them all for FREE here.

We’re now hosting our own podcast where we get together for a good old natter and a brew and often invite guests to join us. We discuss current and topical events, specific themes but always with a working class focus of course! You can listen to it for FREE on all of the podcast platforms pretty much (apple, google podcasts, stitcher, soundcloud), simply search ‘Poor Lass Zine.’

Enough about us. We welcome your ideas, submissions and nominations / recommendations for guests or any thing you’d like us to cover. We’re open to this from all genders and abilities – so long as you identify as working class, simple! We wanna hear your truth however you’d like to tell it in your own voice. We also welcome art work and graphic submissions.

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Edited by Seleena Laverne Daye and Em Ledger